The New Dads Project​

Our research team

A team of experienced researchers from Griffith University are conducting the study.

Stacey Bernardin

Stacey is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology and has previous research experience investigating stereotypes of adult and teen parents. Stacey has a keen interest in the transition to fatherhood and promoting healthy families in Australia.

Associate Professor 

Graham Bradley

Graham is a developmental and social psychologist. He holds a PhD in Psychology and has 30 years experience as a researcher with Griffith University, authoring over 90 journal articles/book chapters. Graham is one of Griffith's research integrity advisers.

Dr Nicola Sheeran

Nicola has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has been researching prejudice, stereotyping and intergroup relations since 2006. Nicola has a particular interest in health communication, racism, and adjustment to parenting.